Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chorella and Spirulina- Algae Superfoods

Both of the nutritional powerhouses are fresh water algae.  Chorella is a green algae that contains more chlorophyll than any other know plant and is also the fastest growing plant on earth.  Spirulina is a blue-green algae that is known for its healing properties and contains nearly ten times the amount of  chlorophyll of green vegetables.  What is it about these microorganisms that make them nutritional powerhouses or Superfoods?

Both of these superfoods are powerful blood cleansers and body detoxifiers because of their high content of chlorophyll.  Chlorophyl is extremely alkalizing, which is essential for a healthy body and muscle and tissue repair. Chlorophyll enhances your immune system at the cellular level by building red blood cells, helps with absorption of magnesium which in turn helps remove toxins from the body.  Spirulina is an anti-oxidant powerhouse containing more superoxide dismutase (SOD) than any other known source.  SOD destroys superoxide radicals and protects again tissue damage.  Without SOD we would have accelerated aging and tissue degeneration.

Both algae are have an incredible array of nutrients including 19 amino acids, essential fatty acids, and a plethora of vitamins.  This makes them functional whole foods that are an excellent source of protein.  These nutritional powerhouses contain between 60% to 65% protein and all ten essential amino acids.  The proteins are pre-digested and readily available for high utilization rates.  The essential fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega- 6 found in spirulina and chorella, along with an impressive growth rate provide materials for DNA repair and healing.  Algae are the source where fish obtain their omega 3's. Now you can obtain it from the source!

Spirulina is a very rich source of critical B vitamin methylating agents such as B6 and folic acid, and beta-carotene. Spirulina has an extraordinary array of anti-oxidant phytonutrient anthocyanins. These anthocyanins are renowned for their powerful anti-carcinogenic properties.  Chorella is a wonderful source of B12, an essential vitamin that is hard to find in plant- based diets.

Spirulina also helps digestion and absorption of nutrients by controlling the growth of bacteria and yeast in the digestive system.  Its anti-microbial effects create balance in the gut flora and detoxify the bowels.

Both algae speed cell regeneration and increase white blood cell counts.  This slows the signs of aging, enhances healing, and helps muscle recovery.  This in turn improves skin conditions such as acne, rashes, and eczema.  Athletes have found faster recovery times from training and less stress to the immune system.

How do you incorporate these wonderful Superfoods into your diet?  My favorite is in the form of a shake!  Shakeology has 350 mg of both Spirulina and Chorella.  So whether you are an athlete looking for muscle recovery or just trying to be healthy and happy I suggest adding these superfoods to your repertoire!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Maca Powder - Superfood for a Super You

I add maca powder to my protein shakes everyday!  Maca is also found in my favorite drink Shakeology.  Why should you include maca as part of your daily routine?

Maca is a turnip-like root vegetable native to the Andean mountains in Peru. Grown at altitudes of 14,000 feet where no other crops can survive, maca is a hardy, resilient plant that’s incredibly rich in amino acids, phytonutrients, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. There is more to maca than its nutritional density that categorizes it as a superfood.  It has super hero status for its renowned and clinically proven ability to regulate, support, and balance hormonal systems in both women and men!
Maca is classed as an adaptogen.  An adaptogen is a substance that causes a response in your body which increase your power of resistance against multiple stressors and has a normalizing influence on all your body's systems.
In today's society one of the most common ailments is adrenal failure due to uncomplementary stresses that overwhelm the adrenal system and zap you of all your energy.  Maca has the amazing ability to regulate and rejuvenate your adrenal glands naturally!  When your adrenal glands are working properly it will improve mental clarity, restore your stamina, and help you hand stress better.  Maca also contains all the amino acid building blocks of serotonin which supports mental health and reduces sugar cravings! It also helps restore hormonal balance in both males and females!

Maca is used in Peru as a fertility and libido enhancer and clinical trials have shown maca increases libido by 180% and sperm count by 200%.  Alternatively for women maca is a non-estrogen alterantive to hormone replacement therapy.  It relieves the symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes and depression.

So what does all this mean?  Maca will slow down the aging process and reverse signs of aging its the fountain of youth in a powder!  You can find maca at most health food store or Shakeology