Friday, October 4, 2013

Lessons From the Universe.....

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I am constantly discussing Intuition with my clients and I may sound like a broken record, but I have
discovered that we have stopped listening to our inner guide and ignore the signs that are blatantly obvious about what we should be doing.  Listening to our inner guide can be as simple as not ignoring the signs that we are hungry and eat before we become a raging bitch or stop eating and push the plate away before we have a Thanksgiving stomach and unbutton our pants.  Our gut will tell is when we are near danger or when something is off kilter and wrong.

I learned a huge lesson from the universe this weekend about listening to my intuition and following my inner guide. 

I have a sister that lives nearby here in Florida and her life has been riddled with problems, pain, alcohol and mental issues.  Over the years I have help this sister in EVERY  way possible, money, home, car, support, love, dedication, baby sitting.  I also enabled her because my love for her was so great.  I allowed her to destroy relationships, come between family members, and hurt me endlessly.
I stopped enabling and helping her about 4 years ago.  I made a decision that I could be there to lend an ear and support her through caring and listening, but that was where I stopped.  My amazing wife, not understanding the pain and anguish that she had put me through offered to let her live with us at one point.  My gut instantly got nauseous and I vehemently rejected the idea.  I listened to my inner guide and knew that it was the wrong choice.
Fast forward a year and the reason for this post!! On Saturday I received numerous calls from my sister with anguishing voicemails pleading for help admitting she thought she was having a nervous breakdown.  Finally after much deliberation and hours later I called her back. 
While on the phone, I did something bold:  I invited her to stay with us for one month and drive her to work and also help pay to get her car fixed, I told her I would be there on Monday to pick her up.  I hung up and I was at peace with my decision.  

I listened to my inner guide and I knew at that moment that my decision was the right one, Right Then.

Of course, Adriane thought I was nuts!!  The following day I sat and had a long discussion with my wife, Adriane, about the situation with my sister.  I explained that I have been working on intuition and following my inner guide, I felt at peace with my decision.  She cried and said her intuition felt completely different and that she could see no good coming from this.

I then did something I have never done before in any previous relationship.  

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