Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Keeping Track

I'm not so sure buying a scale (the first I have owned since before I had my daughter who is 11 and when I had an eating disorder and weighed a measly 111 lbs!) Now tipping the scales at 160 on some days and 156 on others I wonder if its really necessary to know my weight? I've noticed that my weight fluctuates daily and depends on the time of day and some mornings I'll weigh 4 lbs more then the previous one and then vice versa with no real understanding why!! Anyway I can tell I'm starting to lean out from my December extra eating and my ASS is sore every day. Will there be a day when my ass isn't sore? I don't recall it hurting this much last season! WTF! I am running a 5K this Saturday for Haiti Relief and at least feel like I can give back in some positive way. I have sprinting on the track at Flamingo Park when i'm in SoBe, but have still been unable to find a running track in Fort Lauderdale for the times I'm in that area!!! Is it too much to ask to have a track accessible to the public?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I've had an extremely rough last 12 months personally and professionally so as the new year gets well under way I have been keeping a positive attitude and feel great! I washed away all the negativity from my life and yesterday I had acupuncture done to help will some chronic shoulder pain and fatigue. I am so glad I did!! Its amazing what this procedure can do for your body! For the first time in years my shoulder doesn't have severe pain the day after a shoulder workout and I can lift my arm without wincing! I also feel revitalized! When I got home last night at 1:30 am from working (I left at 7 am!!) Onward march little waist! I'll be ordering my suit this week hoing to see Caroline from CC Fitwear on Saturday! Was preparing to wait till after my surgery, but my financing fell through so it's not a possibility. I am extremely upset about this but there is not much more I can do at this point so I suppose I'll just have to wait again. Happy Hump Day!


Monday, January 18, 2010

The Weekend Workout Radio Show

Yesterday I got a special opportunity to guest speak on WWNN The Health and Wealth Network 1470 AM out of Boca Raton, Fl for a show called The Weekend Workout!! I met some great and intelligent people. It was a fun and exciting experience. I think I may have missed my calling since I love to talk so much. It was all I could do to contain myself and not interject before I was supposed to!! Most people that know me know I always have something energized and quick witted to say! You can see my bio and listen to the show online too!

The Weekend Workout

Mondays are NOT Mundane!!!

I love Mondays!! Especially the ones that start with a new workout program! I have been doing my new KILLER cardio sessions and diet for 1 week, but the new HardCore Training regimine started today! Mondays are all about LEGS! I love doing legs! The gym was sooo packed today though because its a holiday! (of course I forgot and went at the worst time 9AM)!! I don't want to fight people for machines as I bounce around and I hate it when my weights get moved or come up missing as I run around like a mad woman. Then there are the "talkers". The ones that never go to the gym except for when its a holiday and then they think they've just met the coolest fitness person in the world and want to ask you a million questions!! Now mind you I'm a very patient and kind person so I smile answer a few quick questions while still pushing my weights to try and hint at the disregard for my workout but it doesn't always work!! Then I finally always smile and say "Well when I'm done working out I would be happy to get you my Business Card and you can find me online!" That usually works. Darn my dead ipod!!! I need to get a new charger. At least with earplugs in your ears people are less likely to interupt my insane routine! I have no clients today and its finally beautiful again in South Florida so I think I may go to the Beach! Have a Fit Day!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another Day

My weight as of today is 156.7. Not sure what weight I will be to compete at this year. I competed at 151 at Team Universe last year which was my best placing. For Nationals I was leaner around 145 and my coach is thinking maybe 142 or so. I'm 5'11" so we'll see how that goes! I have started dieting for my first competition this year which will be the Pittsburgh show in May. I am currently seeing a Dr about Breast Augmentation to get the puppies fixed up!!! I'm hoping to get this done in a timely fashion so that it doesn't interfere with my contest prep. In an effort to stay away from chemically made products such as splenda, sweet n low etc I tried a new way today to make my cream of wheat and it was really good. I made it savory instead of sweet! I added my lean ground beef, asparagus, cayenne pepper, garlic powder to the cream of wheat and topped it with a little flax oil. Yummy almost reminded me of shephard's pie!

2010 On the Road to a Figure Pro Card

Today is January 11, 2010. Today is the day I began my new diet and training schedule for 2010 in hopes of ending somewhere with a win and Pro status. I competed last year at 3 National shows. Last Year was a rough year of growth and developement fostered my some amazing people. I came on board with Team Bombshell in March after dislocating my shoulder in January and breaking my tailbone in February!!! We decided to do a couple local shows and get my feet wet! I did my first show in June and my last in November. To make a long story short I ended the year doing three National levels shows with a placing in top 5, top 10, and top 15. I owe my success to two amazing coaches- Shannon Dey and Rob Rossetti. I am now taking there guidance to push myself to more competitions this year and hopefully obtain my Pro Card!I spent the weeknd in Ormond Beach at Bombshell Camp and came back with a renewed fire and excitement for this year!I began my day with an hour plus of interval cardio intermixed with plyometrics, pushups, and crunches. Today was Day one of my new diet that I spent three hours cooking and portioning for the week last night. My breakfast had salmon in it!!! So excited I LOVE salmon and this is the first time it has been included on my diet! Some other surprises include whole wheat bread. Not so sure about that though I'm not a big bread person! This is my first entry for 2010... I'll let you know how it goes!!!