Monday, January 18, 2010

Mondays are NOT Mundane!!!

I love Mondays!! Especially the ones that start with a new workout program! I have been doing my new KILLER cardio sessions and diet for 1 week, but the new HardCore Training regimine started today! Mondays are all about LEGS! I love doing legs! The gym was sooo packed today though because its a holiday! (of course I forgot and went at the worst time 9AM)!! I don't want to fight people for machines as I bounce around and I hate it when my weights get moved or come up missing as I run around like a mad woman. Then there are the "talkers". The ones that never go to the gym except for when its a holiday and then they think they've just met the coolest fitness person in the world and want to ask you a million questions!! Now mind you I'm a very patient and kind person so I smile answer a few quick questions while still pushing my weights to try and hint at the disregard for my workout but it doesn't always work!! Then I finally always smile and say "Well when I'm done working out I would be happy to get you my Business Card and you can find me online!" That usually works. Darn my dead ipod!!! I need to get a new charger. At least with earplugs in your ears people are less likely to interupt my insane routine! I have no clients today and its finally beautiful again in South Florida so I think I may go to the Beach! Have a Fit Day!!!
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