Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another Day

My weight as of today is 156.7. Not sure what weight I will be to compete at this year. I competed at 151 at Team Universe last year which was my best placing. For Nationals I was leaner around 145 and my coach is thinking maybe 142 or so. I'm 5'11" so we'll see how that goes! I have started dieting for my first competition this year which will be the Pittsburgh show in May. I am currently seeing a Dr about Breast Augmentation to get the puppies fixed up!!! I'm hoping to get this done in a timely fashion so that it doesn't interfere with my contest prep. In an effort to stay away from chemically made products such as splenda, sweet n low etc I tried a new way today to make my cream of wheat and it was really good. I made it savory instead of sweet! I added my lean ground beef, asparagus, cayenne pepper, garlic powder to the cream of wheat and topped it with a little flax oil. Yummy almost reminded me of shephard's pie!
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