Monday, April 1, 2013

You eat healthy... so is there still room for improvement?

Yesterday I got a call from my sister, Stephanie, who visited me last weekend for 5 days with her husband and 7 month old baby Ava.  She was proud to announce that she had gone home and cleaned out her whole kitchen, threw out the bad foods, and replaced them with healthy choices.  I was ecstatic! Melissa and Ava

This is why I am so happy.  My sister is not unhealthy, she is not overweight, her children eat vegetables and she does generally all around better than many Americans on the Standard American Diet (SAD).  She doesn't drink soda, eat candy bars, or even eat fast food. She is the typical person that says to me I eat healthy, and truly believes that they do. This being said her 5 days staying with me opened her eyes to the many little changes you can make in your everyday life that when added up make a huge difference.  I guess what hit home most was the fact that this is your typical family trying to be healthy, but they lack the tools and education to make all the right decisions. 

Now I am not suggesting everyone go home and empty their kitchens and go buy all new food, but I am suggesting that Americans become educated on what are the right foods. We are not asking the right questions, we are not demanding the quality foods we deserve.  People are still drinking super-sized drinks. They are buying in to the ads that foods with commercials are actually as good for you as they say they are!  Do you see advertisements for an apple? No? Why?  Because a company can't make extra money on it unless they process it and stuff it in a box and put a label on it!

It is time we step back and take a look at our food system here in the USA, quit believing the BS the government is trying to shove down our throats with their FDA, large scale farming and mass produced GMO food.  Educate ourselves about what is good for us.  You don't have to change overnight, but start paying attention.  I know you can't stay with me for 5 days and radically change your views in a week so start small and let me help you!

What are some small steps you can do today to start making the shift?
  • Share this with someone you care about, right now, and allow me to do my thing, each week.   
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  • Make a Green smoothie for yourself or a family member!  
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