Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 On the Road to a Figure Pro Card

Today is January 11, 2010. Today is the day I began my new diet and training schedule for 2010 in hopes of ending somewhere with a win and Pro status. I competed last year at 3 National shows. Last Year was a rough year of growth and developement fostered my some amazing people. I came on board with Team Bombshell in March after dislocating my shoulder in January and breaking my tailbone in February!!! We decided to do a couple local shows and get my feet wet! I did my first show in June and my last in November. To make a long story short I ended the year doing three National levels shows with a placing in top 5, top 10, and top 15. I owe my success to two amazing coaches- Shannon Dey and Rob Rossetti. I am now taking there guidance to push myself to more competitions this year and hopefully obtain my Pro Card!I spent the weeknd in Ormond Beach at Bombshell Camp and came back with a renewed fire and excitement for this year!I began my day with an hour plus of interval cardio intermixed with plyometrics, pushups, and crunches. Today was Day one of my new diet that I spent three hours cooking and portioning for the week last night. My breakfast had salmon in it!!! So excited I LOVE salmon and this is the first time it has been included on my diet! Some other surprises include whole wheat bread. Not so sure about that though I'm not a big bread person! This is my first entry for 2010... I'll let you know how it goes!!!
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