Saturday, August 6, 2011

White Wave Windspell August 3- 15 2011

Communicate, spirit, breath 

Seal Wind: Wind is the Great Spirit whose breath fills you with life. It is Wind that nourishes your soul and who gives inspiration to speak your own truth. Wind teaches you about communication, inspiration, flexibility and changes.

Wind Wavespell: During these 13 days, misunderstandings are just around the corner. You will need to pay extra attention to communication. Your breath becomes a word, your word a sentence, the sentence a fact and the fact a reality. Be careful what you say because words have a reach beyond your sight and spread as concentric ripples through water. Try to speak clearly and honestly.
Try to be fully aware of your breathing. What is it you breathe in? What is the rhythm of your breathing? Sacrifice your breath as a gift to the Great Spirit/Hunab K'u; all your words will then flow in this stream. When God created man, he blew life into him with his own breath. Breathe in this Spirit and Inspiration awaits you. 
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