Thursday, March 29, 2012

Insanity: The Asylum Week 1 and Primal

So I survived the first week of Insanity: The Asylum.  The week consisted of Speed and Agility (twice), Strength (twice), Back to Core, and Vertical Plyos oh yeah and one day of rest.
When I began the week with Speed and Agility my seemingly uncoordinated butt couldn't get the jump rope to do anything I wanted.  Who actually jumps and squats at the same time, or jumps and criss-crosses their feet!  I have jumped roped my whole life and though I was pretty agile!  I was WRONG!  I felt like I had two left feet!  I thought the worst was over when I came through day 2 (Strength) and day 3 (Back to Core) with a little less difficulty.

Then came Day 4, VERTICAL PLYOS!  I have never really stopped during a workout and haven't felt like I was going to puke during one in years.  Well Shaun T. taught me something, I can still get my ass handed to me and I had to push the stop button.  I didn't wear my heart rate monitor, but I'm sure my heart was at least 190 bpm or more.  Here is a short clip of my post workout.  Happy to say I made it through, but not looking forward to that again.

I completed the week with a day of rest and another go at Speed and Agility and then strength.  I don't know what happened between days 1 and 6, but on day 6 I was able to do all the jump rope moves!!!

I also started my primal diet in conjunction with The Asylum.  After nine months of eating vegan feeling fantastic I had decided to try a vegetarian version of the primal diet.  I have added eggs, raw butter, and some occasional fish back into my diet.  The ins and outs of this diet are for another post. My first weeks results:  I lost 3.8 lbs.  I'll check in next week with another recap!  You can become part of the challenge and do Insanity:  The Asylum too!  Visit TAKE THE CHALLENGE to sign up!

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