Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's with all the Insanity?

I have decided to take the 30 day Insanity: The Asylum challenge.What is this challenge?  To become a World-Class Athlete and get back in shape after my injury that put me down for a while!  I'm going to document my journey and see how I feel.  The equipment used for this 30 days include a jump rope (yeah i'm good at that!), an agility ladder (hmmm not so much) and a couple bands.
I have prided myself on being athletic, but after months of slower workouts and less training I feel like an overstuffed couch potato.  Although most that know me know that my version of a coach potato is not the same as the rest of America's. Watch this clip of Insanity to get an idea of what i'll be putting myself through for the next 30 days!

Yesterday Shaun T. my new "coach" sent me through a grueling fit test called the "Athletic Performance Test".  I realized I have my work cut out for me but my numbers stayed in stride with the female on the video!  I realized I have agility but need more speed and absolutely lacking in hand- eye coordination!

Want to follow my progress?
Here are my Athletic Performance Test results for Day 1:

  • Agility Heisman: 8.5
  • Ab progression In and outs: 42
  • Lat pushups- 21
  • Mt Climber Switch Kicks: 44
  • Agility Shoulder Taps- 6
  • X Jump- 29
  • Moving Pushups- 3.5
  • Agility Ladder Shuffle- 13
  • Agility Bear Crawl- 7 
I'll PUSH Play and keep you posted to DAY #1 workout : Speed and Agility

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