Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sleeping like a baby and other benefits

So I finished the 21 Day Ultimate Reset and am very please with the results!  The Ultimate Reset helps your body reclaim its natural balance and release years of built up harmful materials to restore your system to maximal health!  There were three phases that the body went through each seven days long.  I never felt hungry on the completely plant-based diet and having to take enzymes and probiotics thirty minutes BEFORE I could eat made me mindful of my eating habits and mindless snacking.  My breakfast for many days was just a simple bowl of fruit and it was fun to go shopping and pick out new fruits to try!  I even made a bowl of my cantaloupe one day to make it fun.  I love sushi too and the vegetarian sushi rolls wrapped in Nori sheets were great and similar to the ones I make!
The crux of the program for me was not working out for 21 days.  I can't remember the last time I went 21 days without going to they gym, running, or doing some form  of physical exercise.  The Ultimate Reset recommends walking, yoga, and meditation.  It focuses on allowing the body to regenerate and not over stressing it so that you can gently release years of abuse.  So ok I GET it, but how was it?  Well to be honest the first week I did go to they gym once and run once besides doing yoga.  I felt weak at the gym and my run wasn't so great!  So for the three weeks I stuck to  yoga at least three times a week and lots of walking and guess what it was NICE! This break worked too!  The first time I ran again I had my best time ever in two miles by almost 3 minutes!  Three minutes is HUGE for only two miles!  I actually feel stronger and my energy levels are sky rocketing!  This was a benefit I never expected. I mean I always preach to people that you make your best gains during rest instead of always training and breaking down the body but I didn't expect that taking off this much time would really benefit me.  I look forward to training hard now to get ready for the Tough Mudder, Spartan, Crossfit, and the Ragnar Relay!  Woo hoo.... here I go!

Other benefits from this detoxification are more subtle but even more important!  I have been sleeping better than I have slept in a long time.  I have had sleeping problems for years because of competing and anxiety.  My brain races and wakes me up and I would sweat profusely.  All issues from adrenal fatigue also.  These symptoms had gotten better since I started healing myself holistically with food and nutrition, but I still was perfect.  Now I sleep through the night, wake up dry and have dreams every night!  I haven't dreamed (that I can remember) like this EVER!  I also lost ten pounds.  I have major issues retaining water and I usually feel "Heavy", but I'm not sweating as much during the day and I feel lighter. An example of this before when I would eat something "bad" (my bad is probably better than most people's good!) I would gain 4 to 5 lbs over night of water and weight gain it was frustrating and a mind F***.  Well I had some fun food for my daughter's birthday and guess what I didn't gain that weight!  For me this is the best benefit I have found I call it BALANCE!  I can have something little and not beat myself up for it!  You get six wonderful supplements with the Reset, detailed step-by-step instructions for the 21 days,  3 week eating plan with recipes, 2 DVD's for the reset including a cooking class, online support, and support from me!  This is a great program to start your journey to a healthier life.  I recommend it in conjunction with my Health Coaching Program which will help you achieve your goals and dreams for a healthier life!  For a free consultation contact me at or call 561-578-9492  Melissa Binkley 
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