Monday, January 28, 2013

Are you STARVING Yourself?? I DID

Ok so I have to just write a quick post in response to an email I received today.  As you know I have been doing classes about Adrenal Fatigue and Thyroid Disease.  I explained that I ended up with these conditions because I was on a restrictive diet without properly nourishing foods and then training sometimes 3 or 4 hours in a day to compete in the sport of Figure.
Well maybe I wasn't clear!  So to put it bluntly I was STARVING myself.  I was starving myself physically and this caused so many problems, both physical and mental.  I would binge on foods on the weekend and then throw them up because I was scared of the "calories", I would hide in my kitchen in the middle of the night and just stare into my refrigerator and cupboards and long for food.  I would CRY in the middle of the night because I was hungry!!!  All in the name of a sport!  All in the name of looking good!  Was I still healthy?  HELL NO!!  Was all the supplements I was taking to keep my energy up good for me?  Hell no!  

So what the heck happened?  I will tell you!  I stopped eating 1000 to 1200 calories a day.  My body went into animal mode, it was survival (unfortunately my body doesn't know I was just dieting for 3 years for competitions it thought I was on a 4 year hike in the middle of no man's land and that the strike was over) and once food became unrestrictive and available I ATE EVERYTHING for MONTHS and MONTHS.  The only reason I only gained 15 pounds was because at the same time I was allowing myself to eat whatever I wanted I would only have the best foods in my house.  The most quality veggies, fruits, meats, fats, etc!  I was also doing protocol to heal my thyroid condition and get rid of my adrenal fatigue.  Now that I am back to my natural, healthy weight I look great, dropped some of the unwanted extra pounds and know I will never again go on a DIE-T why?  Because next time I may DIE!  If you are starving yourself in the name of health STOP IT NOW!!!!  I do not count calories (I don't believe in it!) but if I did I would probably say its double what my starvation diet was!  I feel better than I ever did before and I look damn good too!!  Make a commitment to yourself. Start with this:

Dearest Body of Mine,
After careful and thoughtful consideration,
I hereby promise to:
Listen to you with open ears and be aware of your aches and pains.
Love you for who you are and what you have already done
Accept that you are not perfect and that you have flaws
Feed you properly and no longer yo-yo diet, binge, purge or otherwise neglect you
Overcome the addictions that harm you.
Exercise regularly but also know when to relax
Heal you through knowledge and nutrition
Understand that my thoughts affect you
I love you

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