Thursday, November 8, 2012

California Right to Know Election Statement

I received this email about Prop 37 and thought it was a very positive outlook on a grim situation and wanted to share!

To all our Supporters,

We have so much to be proud of today. Every one of you should feel your place in history. We may have lost Prop 37 -- narrowly! -- but we will not be stopped. And when we win transparency in our food system, you will be able to say you were there on the front lines.  Please share our statement and our success today:

Yesterday, we showed that there is a food movement in the United States, and it is strong, vibrant and too powerful to stop. We always knew we were the underdogs, and the underdogs nearly took the day. Dirty money and dirty tactics may have won this skirmish, but they will not win the war.

Today, we are more than 4 million votes closer to knowing what’s in our food than when we started. This is a victory and a giant step forward. We are proud of our broad coalition of moms and dads, farmers, nurses, environmentalists, faith and labor leaders who did so much with so few resources to bring us to this point, and we will carry forward.
These results are also a reminder of the corrupting influence of huge multinational corporations on our electoral process. The world’s leading pesticide and junk food companies outspent Yes on 37 by more than 5 to 1, and beginning on October 1, spent about a million dollars a day on a hailstorm of false claims, misrepresentations and fear mongering over five simple words on a label. In the end, they spent enough money to hide the truth from the majority of voters. But the food manufacturers are on the wrong side of history; they should not fight their customers, but join them.           

Today is not the end of our campaign to secure our fundamental right to know what’s in our food. It is a strong beginning, and we thank the millions of Californians who stood with us. We are proud of our grassroots movement, our 10,000 hardworking volunteers, and the diverse coalition of health, faith, labor and consumer groups that stood with us. We will keep fighting for consumer choice, fairness and transparency in our food system.

And we will prevail.
To Victory!
The California Right to Know Campaign

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