Thursday, November 29, 2012

South FLorida: New Year's Resolution Group Program Class Filling FAST

Get a jump start on your

Every year we start the same promising to do this or that, lose those extra ten pounds, have more energy, be healthier, exercise more….  What do you resolve to do every year?  And what happens six months later when SUMMER rolls around?  You have forgotten your resolutions! Why? Because life happens.  You nurture your partner, lover, children, employer and community, but not yourself.
  • ·         Are you focusing on everyone else first?
  • ·         Struggling to find the right foods for your family? 
  • ·         Have low energy? 
  • ·         Need to lose weight or just feel better? 

Traditionally, women have not been taught to have good boundaries or take good care of themselves.  So this time instead of forgetting about yourself and your NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS join a group of like-minded individuals and have the accountability and support to get the life you want!

This  six month group program led by Certified Holistic Health Coach Melissa Binkley will meet for one hour every other week starting the first FULL WEEK of January.
You will learn:
·         To make better food choices,
·         To read labels
·         The steps to natural and effective weight loss
·         To prepare healthy  meals easily
·         Take time for yourself and nurture your soul.  The Program Includes:
·         2 One hour sessions each month
·         Full set of notes and recommendations
·         A variety of handouts, recipes, books etc.
·         Goal setting and prizes
Program is limited to 10 participants.
This program is a fraction of the cost of my normal one to one coaching program.  I want health to be available and affordable to a wide range of people and incomes.  Please contact me for price and to register!!  Make this NEW YEAR the first time you keep your resolution.

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