Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Green Clean: Detox Day 1

I finished day one of my Spring Green Clean!  So what is this detox program?  It is a ten day system reboot to clear the system of unwanted chemicals and toxins. Juicing and Green smoothies can maximize nutrient intake, fight disease, strengthen cellular defense against free radicals, alleviate pain, encourage weight-loss, and decrease the need for medication. Following a juicing and green smoothie detox program can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, strokes, diabetes, certain types of cancers, mental illness, metabolic syndrome, and may result in longer lifespans.  

I have ventured on this journey with several other people try and boost my energy levels.  I have several reasons for trying this cleanse.  I have a skin condition called psoriasis that has plagued me for years.  The condition got better as my healthy habits improved but has never completely gone away.  I want to see if I can cure this skin condition once and for all.  I also have serious issues with water retention, I can retain upwards of 4 to 6 lbs. on a bad day.  I think that it is related to something that I eat so by flushing my system I will have better control over the situation.

This program is designed to break caffeine and sugar addictions, help reset your internal system, clean the organs and skin, and aid in weight loss.  

Day 1 Menu

Breakfast:  Carrot, Apple, Wheatgrass Juice
Snack:   Superfood Green Smoothie (spirulina, maca powder, chorella)
Lunch: Raw Asparagus Soup (garlic, Himalayan sea salt)
Dinner:  Kaloe Cayenne Smoothie (Aloe Vera, Cayenne, Tumeric)
Before Bed:  Li Me Gingerly Smoothie (Ginger, Lime)

Each of these smoothies have special ingredients that help with purification, detoxification, antibiotics etc.  Which is why I chose them for my recipes.

After one day I am down 4 lbs, which is just the water dropping!  I did 30 minutes of cardio and took a 3 mile walk for my first day.  Day 2 will be back to my regular workout routine.

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